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  1. In fact, the kernel is the same, I have confirmed. But still thank you, I tried to find a similar hardware modle from the padavan official compiler, and then copy the ko file to see if it can load the driver.Lede driver with the patch that you gave me, can be driven normally, but unfortunately WiFi signal is very poor, because of mtk is not open source.
  2. Sorry, I didn't say it clearly. I mean compiled with DVB driver firmware,Where can I download it? From http://files.keenopt.ru/ this site's firmware does not include DVB driver. The reason is that our popular model here is not keenetic, but phicomm. This type of model does not seem to be officially supported by pavadan, but we have developers who have adapted this type of machine. The problem is that developers don't have open source, so I can't use source code for me. I need a compiled ko file. The kernel is consistent and should be used
  3. @McMCC Where can I download firmware with dvb driver? I downloaded it from http://files.keenopt.ru/ and I extracted it. There is no dvb driver. This post has DVB driver the firmware you posted.
  4. Very good, finally with tvheadend. The latest version of tvheadend can be used without Segmentation fault. Refer to this post: Https://tvheadend.org/boards/4/topics/30019 Tvheadend can also be very lightweight, I compiled it under lede. Only 4.6M size.