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  1. There are many differences between the Internet and your country in turkey for example the internet in turkey litter.. Consider us too, keep the dB adjustment accordingly
  2. version 3.4.2 was running stable 3.5.1 sürümde gürültü marjı düşük çıkıyor (must fix error) Some stability in version 3.4.2 should be reflected in other versions 3.5.1 version has noise margin drops !!! At 4 db setting the 3.4.2 version had a 7.8 noise margin. In 3.5.1 and 3.6 alpha versions, the noise margin drops to 4.4 settings, you are making a mistake somewhere in the updates.! We are using 3.4.2 compulsorily, we will not update unless the noise margin area improves Turkish users are . noise margin , The noise margin area drops got very bad as we update in versions above 3.4.2 and this should be fixed.
  3. Where can I find version 3.4.11 ?
  4. alpha new version works + Works in version 3.4.11 Version 3.4.12 turned out to be very troublesome
  5. We cannot update via bios in version 3.4.12Was working before version 3.4.12gives network error 3.4.12 version has bad issuesPlease fix the big bugs in version 3.4.12 we have been the victims of the last 1 monthwe are unable to update bios onlineThe Turkish authorities did not care about the situationbug check for updatesIt fixes when installing alpha version but it gives an error when using 3.4.12 with bios updates
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