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  1. Automatic update is working perfectly.
  2. Reboot button is in Wifi-mash system screen, Mobile app and keenetic.cloud. Working Scenario: 1- Reboot main controller 2-Reboot without main controller 3- Reboot Extenders 4- Reboot Whole Mesh.
  3. Try to reboot 16 devices . It can be long process.
  4. One of my mesh system include 16 devices on big area. Sometimes I need to test like acting devices when electricty gone.
  5. I have 5+ and 10+ Keenetic's mesh system. I need quick reboot button like 1-Click and restart all devices in mesh system. It will be definitely handy solution.
  6. Maybe someone think this before however I want to advise a thing that if you remove extender from any mesh, extender reset itself automatically before to add another mesh network. Is it hard coded? Just remove config is possible? Lite and Air have H/W selector. If we reset or restore, these are reset just this mode. Is not possible to reset just working mode for other models? I think it will be handy feature. Sometimes changing devices between different mesh takes twice as long.
  7. This is not error. 3.6.8 will add different MACs for each bridge/segment.
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