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  1. My reboot schedule example yeniden_baslatma_zamanlama: Pazartesi ve Çarşamba 05:58 ' de Yeniden Başlatma schedule rebootroute action start 58 5 1,3 action stop 59 5 1,3 exit system reboot schedule rebootroute system configuration save exit ————————————————————————— Hergün 05:58'de Yeniden Başlatma schedule rebootroute action start 58 5 * action stop 59 5 * exit system reboot schedule rebootroute system configuration save exit —————————————————
  2. You can execute commands in CLi and make reboot schedule. Can you read this article about update https://help.keenetic.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000922779 Update works flawlessly. Ping check is available almost in all segments. You can check Wifi's on your area. Just click WISP and scan both under 2.4 or 5ghz segments.
  3. Here: If translate is working right, I read you change your router's IP and set here
  4. I dont use pre-configured DNS Filter. (Internet safety is disable.) Set manually DNS, DOT, DOH both nextdns and cloudflare in internet safety menu. Does this mean that the router dns,dot,doh use it after checking which one is fast? If I have never set DNS and ignore DNS in PPPOE settings, can I get IP wtih dot or doh?
  5. Change Keenetic address is (not Need another block. In SFP Wan Settings: (not necessary)
  6. Thank you Sir. How to determine which 4050x is Cloudflare or NextDNS?
  7. I see 25ms instead of 2500ms. Really. is it NExtDns?
  8. I use nextdns and cloudflare. Both of DNS entries are recorded in internet safety area. Using 2 DNS service, because one of them is not working or fail, following DNS's will work. DNS list appear as my recorded sequence. everything is right. But in internet safty area, sorting a-z. oke no problem again. But nextdns is not working firstly. If I remove CF, NextDNS is working.
  9. Many user don't make this modification or expreienced users should follow every update both extension, app and FW too.
  10. Anyway, I think dark mode and some personalization will be added in GUI.
  11. I have totally six different connection. 1- Main ISP 2- SFP Test 3- DSL Bridge 4- WISP 2.4Ghz 5- WISP 5GHZ 6- 3G Dongle Today, I delete SFP test and DSL Bridge. Totally 4 connections are available. I find bug in 3G/4G settings. Let me show in video; 3g4gbug (2).mp4
  12. Tagging name to network ports is suitable to find which port can be attach or detach. or maybe we do this physcihally. but it is hard for 9 ports which Keenetic Giant have.
  13. it is known. 3.7 is on testing channel now. Wait next release. DSL drivers will be updated.
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