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  1. I hope Keenetic and Nextdns join forces soon. 👍😀 I love nextdns as much as I love keenetic.
  2. Yes, it is desktop view; Mrs. Rybakpova I use %90 default view and then revert to default %100. View look like this. I suggest, The icon can be used instead of the download text.
  3. Speed Limit column can be simplified.,
  4. I know that. but this is not related to this numerical value. According to this number and limit value, I should have a line like 15 mbit. According to the article, there is a write speed limit of 15-20 mb per second. it can also be changed and set to this value in the 3.7.x software.
  5. this remains completely selected. It comes back with these values when you try to change it. KeeneticOS 3.6.9
  6. For example; whichever devices are connected to the Ultras seem to be connected to one Ultra if the Keenetic device names are the same. If I specify the names of Keenetic devices; PS: This situation applies to all the same names. Known as the same were bound to the same device. If I separate the names, we can understand which device is connected to which keenetic as it should be.
  7. Oops sorry. I just check only different fw versions. 3.6.9 is ok
  8. Did this happen in version 3.6.9? Because I faced same issue while I set up my Peak DSL mesh in version 3.6.9
  9. KeeneticOS 3.7.B.0
  10. Thank you for support. Now, it is ok. But loading was too long to complete. Even after I entered my admin password, I thought it was stuck in verification, so I closed the window manually. Then it appeared on the dashboard.
  11. Fixed on 3.7.17 and 3.7.B0 Thanks!
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