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  1. Partition gone at 2:30AM
  2. and the whole disk appears on linux. What is mean lock? Who locked?
  3. Interestingly, the partition of the same disk that I only used to write syslog was gone. Last night, there was 100% cpu and ram usage due to torrent and syslog was continuing to write. When I woke up in the morning, I saw that the partition (called Data) of the disk was gone again. Swap is still there. I'll also try replacing the disk.
  4. In the wireless service provider settings (WISP), whether the status is active or not, for example, when I change the name, the wifi channel settings of that channel are reset. edit here and save : here is restored to Oto - At Start :
  5. The same disk formatted as ext4 is no longer lost. I think it's a bug for ext3. Only syslog is written to this disk.
  6. Hello Community, As a result of 3-4 days of testing and as I have experienced before, the partition on a usb disappears. When I look at the disk with live linux, I can see all partitions. When I plug it back into Keenetic it only sees the Linux Swap partition. FileSystem::Directory: system failed [0xcffd00ec], unable to remove "/tmp/mnt/f4d5d7a6-860a-483b-8890-2102af3d31d0": device or resource busy. Likewise, I saw a warning yesterday when we unmounted and re-mounted the disk of my friend. After restarting the router, the disc mounted successfully.
  7. in addition, multipath is working normal on wifi devices while netflow is active. is this also interesting?
  8. For best result about partitioning Parted Magic is really magic. Highly recommended if you haven't tried it. It is flawless with virtual machine in Windows environment.
  9. Is it normal for netflow to have negative effect on multipath application? I've been trying everything since morning, suspecting the cables. because even if multipath works, it uses half the bandwidth of 2 lines in total. So i thought the cables were getting stale. Even though I saw a 1gbit lan connection, I was getting a maximum speed of 100-120mbit. 50/100 mbit/s for 1st line 50/100 mbit/s for 2. line at maximum. I removed the netflow entries as a last try. I got full efficiency from 2 wan connections again. no ip flow-export destination no interface DSL ip flow no interface ISP ip flow system configuration save I read somewhere that netflow affects hardware and software accelerators. Is it true?
  10. I did syslog (to external disk) successfully via @Roman_Petrov guide. Thanks to him. But I can not rotate these logs. Test action give me this error: My Opkg Disk : Ext4 My External Disk : Ext2 logrotate.conf is permission 775 My syslogs file in /opt/etc/logrotate.d/ /tmp/mnt/b8ba1277-55a4-d701-90b8-127755a4d701/syslogs { maxsize 1M rotate 3 sharedscripts postrotate /opt/etc/init.d/S01syslog-ng reconfigure endscript } I miss something which I can not see.
  11. Interesting thing is that how to MiniTool format usb bad. Paragon Hard Disk Manager is better than MiniTool.
  12. I am not using Linux. So I try Paragon Hard Disk Manager. I will let you know the result.
  13. Yeps. Ok master. I am thinking of same. Next step.
  14. Same USB Different USB show media show usb
  15. I am formatting ext3 again. I wanted to try ext3 because my friend who use Keenetic, he said me that "yes, ext3 was not recognized so I use ext4"
  16. I will. But this usb was formatted as new ext3 with Minitool Partition Wizard.
  17. yerebakan

    Ext3 is not recognizing

    Ext3 disks are not recognized. It happened in Hero DSL with 3.7.2 Beta and earlier software as well. Look Media4 👇
  18. This is @eralde's browser extensions. We can also access these values from line statistics reports.
  19. Beautiful! everything looks perfect 🙏
  20. In local gui, this is called other connections. I think other names would be better for rmm. Example: Special connections Private connections Specific connections
  21. Rmm: or need to show which is up / down Gui: Thanks for new updates. It seems amazing. 👍✌️
  22. @eralde Hello Master, I remember asking this before. Can we show rssi value next to bars in device list? show ip hotspot show ip hotspot xx:yy:xx:vv:zz(mac address) shows rssi value of devices.
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