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  1. Maybe with cli command can be quick solution, can someone help me about that.
  2. thanks for your feedback I definitely agree with you but installing OPKG and installing unrar is easy but adding any script to transmission(download center) needs a pro help. BR
  3. While connecting Proton VPN I'm getting [E] Dec 31 14:55:36 ndm: IpSec::Configurator: general error while establishing crypto map "IKE0" connection. with Andriod Strongswan client there is no connection problem wtih IKEv2... log (3).txt
  4. Dear Keenetic Team is it possible to add Unpack / Unrar Completed torrents script to download center.? there are lots of pre tested and working scripts for transmmisions. The idea here download torrent and extract download rar files and add to the media server. I'm attaching one sample script file. posttorrent.sh
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