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  1. Ok, i'll update again and get the logs for more explanations.
  2. With 3.6 or soon before (not sure) writing over webdav is down. Getting "unknown error" when i try to write or delete something. Even over the modem interface. Getting back 3.5.2 and everything is fine. Weird.
  3. Siin sürüm sürümü nedir hocam? Stabil sürümde ve 3. parti yazılımla çalışıyor. Explorer'dan ve sürücü yolu bağlayarak denediğimde karşılaşıyorum bu sorunla. Her şeyi denedim düzelmiyor. 3. parti yazılım da kullanamıyorum, doğrudan bağlanmam lazım.
  4. When i send or create any file from different sources (PC, android, linux vs.) its getting zero-byte file. Examplly when i crete a new text file, i can see the file over different PCs but it has nothing in it, empty. Is there anybody who faced the same problem? I got my router to back to the stable version 3.5.6 and everything is fine.
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