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  1. @Le ecureuil if it helps, I can give you remote acces to my pc, to save your time.
  2. seems like getting better http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/67223515
  3. I have no idea about shaping, or what shaping is. Its a 32mbit vdsl connection as far as I know
  4. For comparison, this is what I get my old wrt1900ac (via ethernet) in between my pc and dsl extra: Device has LEDE & SQM QoS Enabled
  5. Hello again, Im back home. Before upgrading I made a test with 3.4.12 Qos enabled : after upgrade 3.6 beta2 without Qos installed: Upload did improve but no change on download. After installing and enabling with auto bandwith mesurement Qos almost the same results like without Qos: (upload same improvement but no change on download) After installing Opkg traffic control support: still no change on download. And also I couldt find any settings on opkg package in ui. Qos doesnt seem to do any
  6. currently I am on work, I will get back home and try 6-7 hours later & give feedback. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I have just upgraded my dsl modem to Keenetic Extra DSL last week. I am very happy with the interface. Very nice and clean design. But my main goal to buy this device was only sqm/openwrt. Since it is advertised to support openwrt packages I touht that I can install or as in front of the box it says QOS so I made up my mind and bought it. When I open the interface and enable QoS it said QoS is not queuing only work on torrent traffic. Which lowered my expectations and I have opened the dslreport speed test but there were no change on my buffer bloat score (D). So I installed the en
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