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  1. There is still no update to the Chrome market version, there is still version 0.5.94. I wanted to remind
  2. yes I saw it thanks, it would be much nicer if we could watch it live like netdata
  3. hello, is there a work around to convert the line statistics report to graph? I want to examine dsl data such as netdata graphics, but I guess this is not possible at the moment...
  4. @eralde Why is the version 0.5.95 not released to the Chrome web store?
  5. Let's forget ipv6 my speed is very slow in ipv4. I even reset the modem, installed stable version 3.6.10 and tried it, again my speed is low.
  6. I tried with windows wireguard client, (ipv4 only) with the same settings as on the modem. In ipv4 my speed is 80 - 90mbps. I tried disabling ipv6 on the modem. I have low speed again on the same server in ipv4 (wireguard configs are the same) windows wireguard client keenetic wireguard client
  7. Google translate: Hello, when will the ipv6 setting come to wireguard vpn? I also have a question.My PPPoE speed is 100mbps,When connected to wireguard vpn, my speed is 30 - 35mbps on ipv4 servers, normal 80 mbps on ipv6 servers. Why is my speed low on ipv4 servers? help please... - VPN installed on modem. I am using cloudflare (warp+) as wireguard vpn. - I also tried the settings of my friends who use it without any problems, the problem still persisted. - no isp side restrictions İpv4 servers speed test İpv6 servers speed test - I tried many different wireguard vpn configurations. I couldn't find a solution to the problem
  8. Hello @eralde there is an error in this way on the device list page. When you say "hide offline devices" in mobile view, the lines are not lost. there are no problems with desktop view. Just a problem with mobile view Desktop view mobile view plugin version: 0.5.95 (earlier versions also had this error) my device: keenetic extra dsl (Kn-2111) KeeneticOS : 3.7 beta 0.2
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