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  1. @Sim-Sim Does it connect via TLS after deleting DOH? It doesn't make any DOT connections at all.
  2. Hi, 2 days ago at 23:40 DOT stopped working and still not working. DOH works when DNS massage. (Json not working) The problem is not with the ISP. There is a problem with the same keenetic modems in different ISPs. The problem is not from NextDNS. Because on the phone or the program is running TLS. (DOT) Let me tell you something interesting. Cloudflare DOT and Google dot work fine. It was working on NextDNS until 2 days ago, but it is very likely due to an issue with Keenetic, many users are having the same problem. (There is correspondence on this topic in the Keenetic groups.) I look forward to your support in solving this problem. Healthy days.
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